New Oral Anticoagulants


The NOACs are new oral anticoagulants, or sometimes called non-vitamin K antagonist (VKA) oral anticoagulants (since they are no longer that new). Oral anticoagulants are widely used for long-term prevention and treatment of venous and arterial thromboembolism. Until recently, vitamin K antagonists, such as warfarin, were the only available oral anticoagulants. This situation changed with the recent introduction of the […]

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Thrombotic Disorders

Hematologists are increasingly involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with venous and arterial thrombotic disorders. There have been major advances in recent years in our understanding of the central role of hypercoagulability in the pathogenesis of thrombosis. This has led to new approaches to the diagnosis of patients at risk for thrombosis and the development of more rational […]

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